Ghislaine Descours

Ghislaine Descours | France


Ghislaine Descours (PharmD, PhD) is associate Professor in Microbiology at the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences, Lyon University, France, and Hospital Practitioner at Hospices Civils of Lyon. She works at the French National Reference Center of Legionella, Lyon, where she participates, among others, in microbiological analysis of clinical and environmental samples, and molecular typing of Legionella strains for 10 years. As member of the “Pathogenesis of Legionella” team at the International Center for Infectiology Research, INSERM U1111 Unit, Lyon University, her main research interest is non-resolving Legionella infections. She focuses her work on mechanisms and detection of antibiotic resistance in Legionella pneumophila, with special regard to macrolides.